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Royal Coco Peat is one of the successful and renowned coco peat producers in India. With the core of supplying a comprehensive range of coco peat products at best price and premium quality, we work continuously to explore and exhibit the innovative collections in the industry. Equipped with all advanced machinery, software tools, production / manufacturing unit, packaging unit, and other techniques, we can produce any range of products as determined by our clients with no hesitations. Added with, our crew of professionals in all departments of coco peat product production is dedicated and sincere in producing top-notch products that beat our competitors in the marketplace, especially in the digital space.

Reasons to Choose Royal Coco peat:

There should certainly be some reasons that make us successful and why we get repeated

and new clients and here they are:

  • Superior product quality
  • Customized labeling, designs, printing, packaging solution
  • Dimensional accuracy of every product produced
  • Competitive pricing
  • On-time delivery
  • Flexibility to produce products according to our clients needs
  • Personalized services
  • 100% client happiness

Production of Quality Coco Peat

Royal Coco Peat is very specific at producing only organic and high-quality coco peat. We pay more attention in carefully selecting the raw materials like coconut husk. Along-side we also integrated advanced and proven quality methods to produce various materials like;

  • Coco peat
  • Coco chips
  • Coco fiber and much more

Our Processing Method of Raw Materials

  • The moment we receive the coconut husks in our production plant, we primarily store it for at least 6 weeks before we begin with the processing
  • We then beat the husks to remove fibers and get coco peat
  • This coco peat is then stored in the bunkers for a specific time period, as a part of aging process. In this process coco peat is stabilized and it takes at least 4 months to complete
  • We then sieve coco peat to remove remaining fibers and then dry it
  • It is then moved to the pressing process, where the coco peat is compressed into required size of blocks
  • The final products of coco peat from this first stage of processing is then shipped to our dealers and direct customers

However, the processing is also continued to the second stage of making coco peat to suit various other product production process

  • The sieved coco peat is then processed for further treatment such as coco peat is washed to remove freely soluble elements like sodium, chloride, and potassium
  • Through the water extraction method, the salt content of coco peat is reduced to EC < 1.0mS/cm
  • Coco peat is also taken to the next process of buffering, in which calcium is introduced to remove monovalent positive ions like potassium. This process helps to remove elements that are not soluble in water
  • Finally we screen coco product that is received after sieving process to remove sand. We use automated screeners for this process. This will be the final screening process, therefore coco peat is thoroughly tested to ensure its highest quality and it is free from any impurities and bigger coco husks
  • • After screening coco peat is compressed to the required size of blogs such as 5KG blocks, grow bags, 650mg or other size bricks and others
  • We use fully automated hydraulic and advanced compression machine for this process
  • Our professional team ensures that compression is performed as desired to get expected products
  • Compressed coco peat blocks, bags, bricks and other products are tested to ensure they are free from visual defects and they are weighted before labeling and packaging is done. We follow various packaging processes to suit unique needs of our clients
  • After all inspection processes are over, our products are palletized according to the shipping standards. We use best ISPM standard palletizing materials
  • On approval for shipping, we take the assistance of a registered logistics service provider to load and ship to the ports and place on ships
  • Our job also continues in updating our clients about the movement of the products shipped and when would they get delivered