DASI 3D Printing is a division dedicated solely to delivering 3D Printed parts in the timely, cost-efficient and professional manner that DASI Solutions’ customers have grown to expect!

3DPrintingPagePrinterPrint 3D Models Directly to 3D Printers 
Made possible with SOLIDWORKS Print to 3D 

Although SOLIDWORKS can also output .STL, a widely accepted format for 3D printing, the 3MF and AMF formats provide more information about the model being printed and, therefore, requires no post-processing to define data such as the position of your model relative to the selected 3D printer, orientation, color, materials, and so on. 

With SOLIDWORKS you can print directly to 3D printers, similar to how you would print a document to your office printer. 


With a wide range of printer technologies, we have a diverse material selection including:

  • Rubber
  • Nylon
  • ABS
  • Simulated polypropylene
  • High temperature ULTEM and more.

Our Connex technology even allows for multiple materials to be printed simultaneously; excellent for rubber over mold and medical applications.

Our dedicated 3D Printing team has experience with printing applications for a wide variety of industries, including (but certainly not limited to) Automotive, Medical, Dental and Defense.

DASI 3D printed parts are a proven, cost effective measure. From conceptual models to check fixtures to rapid models to trial or production parts, DASI 3D Printing is available to print any and all components your company needs to excel in today’s fast paced business world.