Client Testimonials

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digitech Client Testimonials

Digitek Corporation

"We had a great session today with Shaun. Shaun was very knowledgeable in the subject and a great teacher, we all learned a lot. But realize we have just scratched the surface, Shaun honed in on some very specific applications we have going here, which helped us really appreciate the value of the Simulation tools."  


macombmathematics Client Testimonials

Macomb Mathematics Science Technology Center

"Thank you so much for providing our team with an outstanding foundation in SOLIDWORKS. We can’t express to you how critical our time with you was. Our students are better off due to the sixteen long hours that you dedicated to us. We truly appreciate all of your efforts." 


moller Client Testimonials

Moeller Aerospace Technology

"I Just wanted to say thanks again for the training and hospitality. I know I’ll approach everything with a lot more confidence now. After cutting my teeth for a while, I hope to convince my Co. I need the other classes as well." 


MARCor Client Testimonials

Mar Cor Purification

"I’ve taken the SOLIDWORKS Essentials training and I have to tell you the training was awesome. My company finally gave me access to the program and I’ve been practicing every chance I get. This program is totally awesome."