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Cam Design

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CamneticsQuickly design Cams of virtually any type inside SolidWorks with the dynamic motion control parameters your system requires. CamTrax software utilizes a unique visual layout system which allows the creation of cams to be done quickly and easily!

  • Cam Types: Cylindrical, Segment Cams, Disk, Linear
  • Follower Types: On center translating, Double cam followers, Path on ID of cylindrical camps, Off center translating, Swinging arm
  • Motions: Cycloidal, Harmonic, Modified Sine, Modified Trapezoid, Cycloidal/Harmonic, Harmonic/Cycloidal, Constant Velocity, Terminal Velocity, 3-4-5 Polynomial, 3-4-5-6 Polynomial, 4-5-6-7 Polynomial, 8th Power Polynomial, Constant Acceleration, Double Harmonic, Import custom displacements from text files
  • Numerical Tables and Graphs: Displacement, Acceleration, Velocity, Cam Shaft Torque, Contact Stress, Normal Force, Radius of Curvature, Pulse (jerk)

CamTrax is very affordable at $795 US. A no-hassle 10-day free trial of the FULL version is available. Download today!.

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