Add-in for SOLIDWORKS that automates the design and development of products covered in fabrics and made from composites.

The Fastest Path from CAD to Cutter

ExactFlat does this by:

  • Linking & shrinking design and development processes
  • Eliminating waste and waiting
  • Improving quality, accuracy and productivity

With these benefits, manufacturers that implement ExactFlat increase their productivity and profitability by 30-50%.

The Challenge

Soft goods manufacturers want competitive advantage and profitability, but are often held back by disconnected processes and complex workflows that negatively impact productivity.

The Solution:

ExactFlat helps improve competitive advantage & profitability by automating the design and development processes and integrating this workflow right inside SOLIDWORKS.

The Results: Increase Your Productivity & Profitability
Learn more about how ExactFlat is helping manufacturers of products covered in fabrics or made from composites increase their productivity and profitability by 30-50%. 

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