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Plastic Injection

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SimpoeWorks is the first complete plastic injection simulation solution fully embedded into the SolidWorks graphic user environment.

With SimpoeWorks, SolidWorks users can optimize the design and tooling of their plastic parts, and minimize their manufacturing costs, without ever leaving their familiar everyday graphic user environment. SimpoeWorks allow SolidWorks users to simulate the complete manufacturing process of their plastic parts, from filling to warpage.

With SimpoeWorks, SolidWorks users can identify early into the design stage potential manufacturing problems, study alternative solutions and directly assess the impact of such part or process modification, always in the SolidWorks graphic environment. The seamless integration of SimpoeWorks with SolidWorks really "closes the loop" of plastic part design and manufacturing optimization, whatever the complexity and geometry of such parts, shell parts as well as plain solid parts.

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