“If we didn’t have SOLIDWORKS Plastics, we wouldn’t have as much confidence in the manufacturability of a design. It helps us avoid going back and forth with the moldmaker after the fact, which saves time and reduces costs.”

John Aldape
Mechanical Design Engineer, ECCO

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SOLIDWORKS Plastics injection molding simulation predicts how melted plastic flows during the injection molding process - the manufacturing method used to produce over 80 percent of all plastics products. The ability to predict how the plastic will flow enables prediction of manufacturing-related defects. 
Additionally, SOLIDWORKS Plastics enables the prediction of part warpage and mold cooling optimization. Users can change part or mold geometry, processing conditions, or the plastic material to eliminate or minimize potential defects, saving energy, natural resources, time and money. 

For plastic parts, you can simulate the filling, packing, and cooling phases of the injection molding process, and then perform warpage analysis to determine if your part will deform due to molded-in stresses. You can then perform a structural analysis that takes into account both molded-in and external stresses for product response assessment. 


Each Simulation software empowers product engineers with intuitive, powerful, and in depth
analysis capabilities for an accurate assessment of product behavior.