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SolidWorks Simulation

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Affordable Design Validation Software for Every Product Designer

SolidWorks SimulationSpecifically tailored for designers and engineers who are not specialists in design validation, Simulation helps improve product quality by indicating how SolidWorks models will behave before they are built. Go beyond simple hand calculations by verifying your intuitions and study the real-world performance of different design alternatives without ever leaving the SolidWorks window.

Easy to learn and use for immediate productivity
Fully embedded inside the SolidWorks interface, Simulation utilizes the SolidWorks FeatureManager® and many of the same mouse and keyboard commands, so anyone who can design a part in SolidWorks can analyze it without having to learn a new interface. SolidWorks Simulation contains the most frequently used design validation tools, offering stress, strain, and displacement analysis capabilities for both parts and assemblies at a very affordable price.

With SolidWorks Simulation, you can:

  • Compare alternative designs easily and quickly so you can choose the optimal design for final production
  • Study interaction between different assembly components
  • Simulate real-world operating conditions to see how your model handles stress, strain and displacement
  • Spend less time on specifics with automated tools that simplify the validation process
  • Interpret results with powerful and intuitive visualization tools
  • Collaborate and share results with everyone involved in the product development process

SolidWorks Simulation ProfessionalSolidWorks Simulation Professional
Take your design validation to the next level with SolidWorks Simulation Professional. Now you can subject your designs to real-world stresses, helping you shorten the prototype cycle and get products to market faster. SolidWorks Simulation Professional goes beyond the basic features found in SolidWorks Premium, adding a complete set of analysis and validation tools.

SolidWorks Simulation Premium SolidWorks® Simulation Premium brings highly-advanced finite element analysis (FEA) functions to designers and engineers at a fraction of high-end FEA software costs, and with none of the complexity. It adds a final level of sophistication to the capabilities found in SolidWorks Premium and Simulation Professional.