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SolidWorks Composer Key Benefits

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By working directly with 3D CAD data, Composer helps illustrators and writers create high-quality 3D images and animations quickly. It repurposes 3D across your organization, providing a universal “language” that eliminates misunderstandings, helps you work faster, and reduces translation costs.

SolidWorks Composer automatically updates design changes from 3D CAD models into your documentation, keeping it accurate and continuously up-to-date. 3DVIA Composer eliminates the costly and error-prone process of manually editing design changes, and documentation teams have the freedom to start concurrent with the design team. It's the 21st century way to increase efficiency.

Key SolidWorks Composer Benefits

  • Create accurate and graphic-rich product documentation
  • Reduce documentation costs by at 25% or more
  • Win more business and differentiate your products from competitors
  • Add life to documentation with interactive 3D animations
  • Enjoy higher returns on existing 3D investments
  • Engineers are free to design, not create documentation
  • Fewer shipment delays or blocked payments