US Department of Labor - DASI Solutions Industrial Design Technician Apprenticeship Program

Registered Apprenticeship is a national system that offers on-the-job training in many of today’s sought after careers through partnership and businesses like yours. DASI Solutions is now offering an Industrial Design Technician Apprenticeship. Upon full completion of the apprenticeship program, you will receive your U. S. Department of Labor Journeyman’s Card.

Training Through Registered Apprenticeship has many advantages for you and your employees, such as:

  • A systematic approach to training
  • The ability to conduct assessments of where the employer and employee are in terms of continued improvement
  • And increased productivity and knowledge transfer due to on-the-job learning.

Working with DASI Solutions as a Registered Apprenticeship Employer partner, you are responsible for recruiting and leading apprentices as they learn and complete 4,000 hours of on-the-job training in a two-year program. DASI Solutions will be there to help you and your employee through every step of the process.  

For More Information Please Contact:
Annette Norris 
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(888) 327-2974 ext 1174

DASI Solutions' Apprenticeship Program is authorized by the U. S. Department of Labor as recognized by the states of Michigan and Indiana.