Did you miss a webinar or presentation? DASI Solutions periodically releases past webinars or events and we post them here for you to enjoy!

Designing with SOLIDWORKS Mold Tools


Jared Spaniol Aplications Engineer | CSWE

Length: 31 minutes

Overview: SOLIDWORKS has an array of feature commands that make modeling easy. Your complex geometry can be easily captured and split into a cavity and a core with just a few easy steps. 

Customizing SOLIDWORKS


Jared Spaniol, Application Engineer 

Length: 32 Minutes 

Overview: In this 30-minute webinar, learn how customization can help you save time on your day to day SOLIDWORKS tasks, including custom templates, custom document properties and sharing custom settings.

Working with the SolidWorks Design Library


Jim Byrne, Application Engineer 

Length: 48 minutes

Overview: The SOLIDWORKS Design Library is a great place to save commonly used items that you use in your designs. Re-use of data is key to time savings. Find out how to save features for parts, assemblies, drawings, sheet metal and more!

Patterning Your Way in SolidWorks


Darin Grosser, SW Elite Application Engineer

Length: 55 minutes

Overview: We will discuss options for all types of Patterns and how changing those options affect resulting features. Simple or complex, we will help you get the most out of performance and functionality using this feature.

The SolidWorks "Mating" Call


Jim Byrne, Application Engineer 

Length: 52 minutes

Overview: Over the years they have added advanced mates and mechanical mates as well as several new settings to learn. SOLIDWORKS has placed a lot of effort to make the process of creating assemblies as easy as possible. 

The Foundation of SolidWorks Performance


Dennis Strieter, Electrical & PDM Product Manager 

Darin Grosser, SW Elite Application Engineer

Mark Johnson, SOLIDWORKS

Eric Pieper, HP

Kevin Bozung, SafetyNet

Length: 75 minutes

Overview: We will dispels the myths and urban legends about SOLIDWORKS performance. 

Direct Editing and Instant 3D


Darin Grosser, SW Elite Application Engineer

Length: 52 minutes

Overview: Instant 3D introduced a new way to Sketches and Extrusions as well as tools for Dynamic Editing of your Models. Direct Editing is tailored for not only native SOLIDWORKS data, but for the editing of Imported files and featureless geometry from other CAD Systems.

Design Validation Tools


Jim Byrne, Application Engineer

Length: 40 minutes

Overview: Make the most out of SOLIDWORKS design verification tools. Most users know the measure and mass properties tools but we'll demonstrate additional tools that help eliminate costly errors, such as: sensors, clearance verification, hole alignment, DFM Xpress, thickness analysis, physical dynamics, and more.