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Royal coco peat offers wide variety of Coconut coir garden products for your horticulture that ensures highest quality and value. We leverage our production to produce consumer packaged products for your private labeling and customer products – creating value throughout the supply chain.

Coco Peats

Coco peat, also known as coco coir or coir fiber pith or dust is the bi-product of coconut husks. This is the binding material, which is processed for various applications and uses. The coco peat is majorly used for agriculture and horticulture applications. It is also used as soil conditioner. This is a homogeneous material composed of capillary micro-sponges, which can absorb and hold water up to 8 times of its own weight. Moreover, it also holds and releases nutrients without the need of re-watering.

Some of the remarkable applications of coco peat include:

  • Used as soil additive
  • Ideal for potting mix and terrace garden
  • It can be mixed with soil and fertilizer to make the best quality potting soil
  • It is best used for growing mushrooms
  • Coco peat contains high lignin and cellulose content

Available with us is an extensive assortment of Raw Coco Peat that is immensely used in making of mattresses, sacks, brushes and mats. This is made from high quality coconut husk that is wet and dry for a month to improve fiber strength. Offered peat is strong, thick, smooth, finer and has excellent abrasion resistance. Clients can avail this Raw Coco Peat in different colors and quantities as per their requirements.


  • 100 % natural product
  • Eco friendly
  • Recyclable

a. Coco blocks

Royal Coco Peat supplies coco blocks of coco peat, coco chips, and fibers. These compressed blocks are available in various quantities ranging from 5kg to up to 25kg or according to your specific requirements. These blocks are best used as soilless growing medium for vegetables and flower cultivation. They can also be used for soil conditioning.

b. Coco bricks

Royal Coco Peat is successful in producing coco bricks exactly to the requirements of our clients. Our coco bricks have unique features including creating an extra surface that makes absorption of water easy. Our bricks can expand quickly. They are absolutely easy to use whilst save the overall time required for a plant to grow. It thus saves your money and effort too. These bricks are absolutely re-usable and easy to store.

c. Coco loose bags

Our coco loose bags are an other hugely demanded products from our array of supplies. We supply coco loose bags of varying quantities such as 2kg coco peat bag, 5 kg bags, 50L bags, plain coco peat bags and much more. Our coco bags are exceptionally best to use. They hugely support root development, which is essential to make direct transplantation into coco peat without the need for other agents or further treatments.

d. Coco grow bags

Our coco grow bags are the best choice for growing plants under greenhouse conditions. We supply grow bags of over 50 sizes to suit your varying requirements. We also supply crop specific bags with brand name and user instructions printed according to your requirements.
Royal Coco Peat supplies UB stabilized bags to offer optimum lifespan even up to 48 months. Our coco grow bags are 100% organic and they are made of coir pith and coco chips. These bags support rapid horizontal rooting, requires watering, and saves fertilizers.

5kg Coco Blocks

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Coco Bricks

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Coco Loose Bags

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Coco Grow Bags

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Coco Fiber Pots

Royal Coco Peat supplies biodegradable cultivation pots made of coco fibers. These pots hugely support roots aeration. These pots are 100% organic, natural and biodegradable. They are best used in ornamental plant, domestic gardening, horticulture, and nurseries. These pots have high permeability to air, roots, and water and thus they support fast cultivation.

a. Hanging fiber pots

The hanging fiber pots are best used for domestic gardening. These pots are the best choice for internal gardening and they are also used for decorative purposes in the buildings. These pots are less weight. The coir helps plants grow fast and healthy. Royal Coco Peat presents varieties of hanging fiber pots ranging different sizes, shapes, and options. They give absolutely natural look. The natural fibers used will allow better air circulation and drainage for the plants

b. Fiber pots

Our array of fiber pots are excellent alternatives to regular pots or clay pots. These fiber pots can improve aeration and effectively insulates roots from fluctuating temperature. They provide healthy growing environment. These pots are also durable and environmentally friendly. These pots are available in round shapes and in various decorative shapes as you describe. Royal Coco Peat is ready to customize the fiber pots according to your descriptions and thus fulfil your individual expectations.

c. Fiber trays

The fiber trays can be best used as racks or cabinets. These trays can be easily installed. We provide fiber trays in ample designs with innovative touch in every product you chose. They are absolutely sturdy and fully compostable. These trays can also facilitate fiber patching applications. We also produce freezer and microwave safe trays, which can be used for containing cold and hot items. These trays are soak proof and there is no wax or plastic lining given.


Hanging Fiber Baskets

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Fiber Pots

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Fiber Trays

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Coco Starter

Our coco starter products comprise coir pellets and coir pots. These products are best used for seed starting. These products feature fine texture. They are soft and lightweight. They also contain neutral pH, potassium, and enormous micronutrients. They can exceedingly hold moisture, and they can be easily re-wet when dried. .

a. Coco starter net plugs

We produce coco starter net plugs of various choices. Our range of net plugs will certainly meet your varying requirements exactly how you want it. Our products are best used for gardening purposes, seed raising, saplings, and seedlings. Our net plugs are available in natural, buffered and washed forms. They are also available in various sizes, thickness, and weights. Therefore you are absolutely flexible to choose net plugs according to your specific requirements. They serve as excellent air porosity and have faster germination rate.

b. Coco products

Royal Coco peat produces and supplies a wide spectrum of coco products. Our range of products include;

  • Coco plain pellet of different thickness
  • Coco disk round
  • Coco disk square .
  • Coco disk rectangular
  • Coco disk brick .
  • Coco bale
  • Coco grow bag
  • Coco square bag and more

We provide you the most flexible choice of customizing the products according to your specifications and buy the quantity you require at best prices. We strive to be friendly and flexible to our clients and thus we achieve 100% clients’ happiness in our service.


  • Rich in potassium and a number of micro nutrients
  • Neutral pH
  • Holds moisture incredibly well; easy to re-wet when it dries out.

Coco Starter Net Plugs

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Coco Products

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Weed control is the mulch disc, which is made from biodegradable and untreated natural fibers. This product can protect plant foot directly from sunlight and retains moisture in an efficient way. It can also help prevent weed growth in plant foot. Royal Coco Peat produces weed control products of various thicknesses ranging from 2mm to 6mm and of various sizes ranging from 15cm to up to 90cm. Our weed control products are best used to place over plant pot / ground to prevent mud from drying. However, it also allows air reach the mud. Weed control is best used in the place where grass growth needs to be suppressed and increase water retention level. Our weed control products are made of superior quality raw materials and they are available in elegant and stylish designs to make your garden awesome

a. Coco mulch

Royal Coco Peat with the focus of providing an extended range of coco peat products produces coco mulch. Our coco mulches are known for best quality. We use best compacting technology to achieve expected form of coco mulch. Equipped with latest machines and tools, our professionals are dedicatedly involved in producing coco mulch meeting international quality standards. Our premium products meet our clients’ expectations exactly by the way want it. Our coco mulch is mostly used to retain moisture and promote roots.

b. Weed control discs

Our weed control discs are 100% natural. They are eco-friendly and made from tightly woven coconut fibers. This weed control disc is best used to protect plants from weeds and winter frost. We provide you custom discs to fit any pots you have or according to your requirements. These products are lightweight and they can slip easily around smaller plants or trees. They can offer better aeration whilst retaining the moisture. We have weed control discs in various sizes ranging from diameter 10 cm to up to 50 cm.

c. Coco mats

Although coco mats were first produced for car as standard car mats in automobile industry, today they are used for various other purposes in various forms. We produce coco mats with advanced features, designs, various colors and sizes to compliment your interior and exterior. Made from natural coconut fiber, these mats are highly durable and come with elegant appearance. They can efficiently protect original carpet whilst hiding the dirt. These mats are also used as entrance mat. They can efficiently hold dirt particles, which make them an ideal product for both outdoor and indoor areas where the human traffic is high.

Application: Used to place it over the plant pot which prevents the drying of the Mud, but allows to Air to reach the Mud. One step Erosion Control. Perennial Slope landscaping. Provide excellent weed control.


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Weed ControlDisc

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Coco matts

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