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Classic Colors Return

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Created by: Joseph Richter, Application Engineer 

If you upgraded to SOLIDWORKS 2016, the first thing that you saw was the interface change.  Many reasons lead to the interface change, chief among them was the need to Vectorize the icons for scalability and compatibility with 4K computer monitors.  If you launch SOLIDWORKS 2015 on a computer with a 4K display, the interface icons and elements are very tiny, even with the Icons set to Large.

So focusing on the new interface, SOLIDWORKS 2016 Provides 3 background ‘brightness’ levels as seen here:


With most major changes there are always mixed reactions.  As engineers like consistency, the loudest reactions were full of passion.  In fact the number One enhancement request at SolidWorks World 2016 in Dallas, Texas; was to bring back the familiar Yellow and Green color palette.  So, I’m pleased to announce that with SOLIDWORKS 2016 Service Pack 3, you now have the option to change the color palette back to match the ‘classic’ look of SOLIDWORKS 2015 and prior.  Simply go into Tools/Options, Colors, then set the Icon Color to ‘Classic’, and adjust the Background to ‘Medium Light‘.


So now you can have the new vectorized interface with ‘Classic’ Colors along with the interface brightness of Medium Light to bring back the familiar.


Keep in mind that you can mix and match the ‘Classic’ Color palette with the different Background brightness levels.


This leads to a more customizable work environment and a best of both worlds of having a cleaner look to Feature Icons but keeping the “classic” colors that we have grown to love.