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How To: Make a Component Phantom and Exclude from a Bill of Materials (BOM)

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On some occasions, it is necessary to exclude components in an assembly from the Bill of Materials (BOM). In those cases, it may still be desirable to have that excluded item appear as phantom in the drawing for reference purposes.

To exclude a component from a BOM, first right-click on the component in the feature tree, then select “Component Properties”. In the Component Properties dialog box, check the box for “Exclude from bill of materials” in the lower right corner.


Once a component is excluded from the BOM, it will no longer appear in the bill of materials table as shown in the images below.


The drawing above shows the bill of material table with item 6, the cover plate, included in the assembly.


The next drawing shows the drawing with the cover plate set to be excluded from the bill of materials. The component line font has been changed to phantom by a right-click on the component in the drawing view and selecting “Component Line Font”. In the Component Line Font properties, uncheck the option to “Use document defaults” and then change the Line style for Visible Edges to the desired setting.


Notice that the cover plate is no longer shown in the bill of materials and the balloon attached to the cover plate has an asterisk instead of a number.  This is to illustrate how the excluded items will appear if balloons are attached. It would not be a good practice to add a balloon to an excluded item.