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Getting the right info in your title blocks

Created by: Maurice Cherian, Application Engineer 

Are you having trouble with getting the correct info in your title blocks?  Let’s focus…

When using multi-sheet drawings for multiple parts and assemblies, the title block values might not match the models shown in the drawing views. There is a way to direct SOLIDWORKS to use the custom property values from a specific model, to fill out the title block information correctly. The custom file properties include the revision, part number, finish, material weight and description for a specified model in the drawing. When a drawing is first created and the first view of a model is placed, the custom properties from that first model (by default) populate the title block cells of all the sheets of the drawing (see the image below).

Title Block - Surface Model View

Even if other models are brought into the same drawing, the title block cell values won't change accordingly (see the image below).  When a second model is brought into the drawing, you can change which custom properties fill out the drawing sheet title block.

Title Block - Second Model Example

After adding a new sheet and placing a new view for a secondary model, you can go set the title block to use the custom properties from this new model by following the steps below:

  1. Right mouse select in the FeatureManager Design Tree on Sheet and select “Properties....”, Drawing Sheet Properties.
  2. At the bottom of the Sheet Properties dialog box, select the option "Use custom property values from model shown in:", select the appropriate drawing view from the drop-down list (see the screen capture image below).
  3. Select "Apply Changes" and the title block properties will change accordingly (this sets the focus for the current sheet to the desired model).

    Title Block - Drawing Sheet Properties

  4. If the custom property values do not update, select the rebuild button or select Ctrl-Q to perform a forced rebuild.

The image below shows the title, material, finish and weight updated with the correct values of the appropriate model, not the values from the first model on the first sheet. This will also work on any other custom file properties you set in a part or assembly including part number, drawn by and revision. This technique works on any sheet on the drawing, even the first one.

Title Block - Correct Values

Before releasing a multi-page, multi-model drawing, make sure one of the quality assurance checks is to verify that all sheets have the title block values set correctly, regardless if they are set manually or by custom file property automation.