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Top Strategies for SOLIDWORKS Certification Exams

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SOLIDWORKS Certification exam strategies, tips and advice to improve your performance.

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The goal of the SOLIDWORKS Certification tests is to find out if you have mastered the theory of Design Intent. Design intent is the plan on how to model a part to accommodate future changes.


Before the Test:

  • Cert1 300x169Practice your modeling speed, this is IMPORTANT, you don't want to feel rushed on the exam
  • Generate some generic part templates for the test, both Inch and mm, and map them in Tools/Option under File Locations.
  • Prepare a folder for the Exam Downloads as well as for the parts you need to save during your test.


During the Test:

  • Check out all the questions on the test before you begin, to formulate Design Intent or Modeling Strategy. Once you Develop your strategy, and if it is accurate, stick with it because you don’t have time to second guess yourself and start over.
  • As you go through all of the questions to formulate a plan, download all the required test parts.
  • Make your model from a datum structure, and plan out the location of the origin.
  • Use Linked Values for the variables that change throughout the test.
  • Don’t forget about the SOLIDWORKS Help if you get stuck.
  • Pay attention to the test units, decimal places/precision/Mass, for each step or question.
  • Save As a new copy for each part on every question (naming it with the question number), this way you will have a file to go back to if you make a mistake.  Because if you fail to notice a feature or dimension that was required in an earlier step/question, it will be quicker to open the saved file(s) and add the missing feature(s), then to roll back and modify the current model over and over again.  As the exam does not afford much extra time for making extra changes or redoing a problem.
  • Cert2 300x225If you have any extra time, start over and review each question and your answers before submitting the exam.  Many times your first response is the best however the questions may become more clear after having taken the entire exam.
  • Make sure you understand what the part looks like, review each and every illustration carefully for each question, scroll through the picture views to identify which one will help you most to get started.
  • Keep an eye on the clock, as most of this advise is to help you with time, if your running out of time look at the summary to determine which questions are left and their point values, if possible prioritize and do the highest point value question next.
  • Always use Fully Defined Sketches
  • Mate order is important, plate to plate, bore to bore, hardware last
  • Fully define all components in your assembly

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