CAD/CAM Solution Partner Integration Overview

SOLIDWORKS Certified Gold Partners provide fully integrated applications that enable you and your suppliers to automate CAM, tooling, and inspection.

The benefits of using SOLIDWORKS Certified Gold Partner applications include:

  • No data translation required—SOLIDWORKS Certified Gold Partners work directly with native SOLIDWORKS 3D CAD data so there is no need to translate or recreate design models for manufacturing
  • Design updates ripple through to downstream manufacturing applications—the SOLIDWORKS CAD model will automatically update to new design changes, and changes can then be accepted by the manufacturing application
  • Accuracy of design data is always maintained—the CAM application creates data by directly referencing the 3D SOLIDWORKS design model
  • SOLIDWORKS Certified Gold Partners are industry-leading, mainstream CAM companies, so features, functions, ease-of-use, and quality are not compromised in order to gain fully integrated CAD/CAM
  • See recent webcasts for SOLIDWORKS Certified Gold CAM Partners