Advanced Part Modeling teaches you how to use multibody solids, sweeping and lofting features, and the more advanced shaping capabilites of SOLIDWORKS.
*This course is eligible to be part of the DASI Solutions Apprenticeship Program, certified by the U.S Department of Labor.

buy now buttonLength: 2 days
Prerequisites: SOLIDWORKS Essentials 
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  • 01Multibody Design Techniques
    Hide/Show Tree Items 
    Multibody Design Techniques 
    Solid Bodies Folder 
    Local Operations 
    Feature Scope
    Patterning Bodies 
    Tool Body Technique 
    Combining Bodies 
    Intersect with Solid Bodies 
    Indent Feature 
    Deleting Solid Bodies 
  • 02Saving Solid Bodies 
    Multibody Part vs Assembly 
    Saving Bodies Functions
    Insert into New Part 
    Saving Bodies 
    Modeling for Rapid Tooling
    Splitting a Part into Multiple Bodies 
    Automating an Assembly 
    Using Split Part with Legacy Data 
  • 03Sketching with Splines 
    Curves in Sketches 
    Using Sketch Pictures
    Adding Spline Relations
    Changing the Shape of a Spline 
    Fully Defining Splines
    Evaluating Splines 
    Analyzing Solid Geometry
    Style Spline
    Fit Spline 
  • 04Introduction to Sweeping 
    Sweep with Guide Curves 
    The Selection Manager 
  • 053D Sketching and Curve Features
    Curve Features
    Sweeping Along a 3D Path
    3D Sketching
    Helix Curve
    Creating a 3D Curve from Orthogonal Views
    Projected Curve Feature
    Combining Curves 
    Smoothing Transitions 
  • 06Threads and Library Feature Parts
    Bottle Features
    Saving a Library Feature Part 
    Performance Considerations
    Creating the Sweep Path
    Sweeping Along Model Edges 
  • 07Advanced Sweeping 
    Sweep Options 
    Additional Sweep Settings
    Profile Orientation 
    Intersection Curve Feature 
    Visualizing Sweep Sections 
    Solid Profile
  • 08Introduction to Loft and Boundary Features 
    Comparing Complex Features 
    How Lofting and Boundary Work 
    Loft Feature 
    Boundary Feature 
    Copying a Sketch 
    Modify a Sketch 
    Derived Sketches 
    Boundary Preview Options 
    Sketch Block and Library Feature Profiles 
  • 09Advanced Loft and Boundary Features 
    Additional Curves in Loft and Boundary 
    Centerline Lofting
    Loft Preview Options 
    Adding Sketch Segments 
    Cleaning up a Model 
    Deleting Faces 
    Evaluating Edges 
    Face Fillets 
    Curve Influence 
  • 10Advanced Filleting and Other Features 
    Fillet Settings 
    Fillet Parameters 
    Constant Size Fillets 
    Delete Face: Delete and Fill
    Fillet Options 
    Variable Size Fillets 
    Face Fillets 
    Other Advanced Features 
    Wrap Feature 
    Deform Feature 
    Direct Editing