Create and edit complex solid and surface geometry, including stylish curve-continuous (C2) surfaces with powerful, easy-to-use SOLIDWORKS 3D design. SOLIDWORKS advanced surface design tools accelerate your design process, saving time and development costs, and increasing productivity.

Advanced Surface Design Overview

SOLIDWORKS simplifies advanced surface design to make creating sophisticated parts with complex shapes much easier. Such devices are common across a range of industries, including consumer products, vehicles, molds, and medical devices. SOLIDWORKS provides you with:

  • Tools for: Extruded, Revolved, Swept, Lofted Offset, Planar Surfaces
  • Tools for: Organic and Stylized Shapes Boundary Surface, Surface Fill, Freeform Radiated Surface, Mid Surface
  • Editing tools: Move/Copy Face, Instant3D (click and drag geometry), Copy Surface, Replace Face, Healing, Knit, Trim, and Extend
  • Surface analysis tools: Gaussian, Draft, Undercut, Thickness, Curvature, Min radius, Zebra Stripes, Deviation analysis, and Symmetry Check
  • Geometry Import and Repair and Healing tools
  • Plastic part/mold filling simulation tools (available in SOLIDWORKS Plastics)