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annetnorrisBusiness Development Manager, Education
Pontiac, MI 

   (888) 327-2974 x1174

Annette Norris has been involved in education and training for 30+ years, with a background ranging from K-12 to Community Colleges & Universities. Her experience includes providing hands-on after-school and summer workshops for middle school students, as well as developing and implementing academic and social programs for youth in grades K-12. She has experience developing customized training curriculum and providing linkages with business, industry and community organizations.

Annette currently, oversees the growth activities of The Early Engagement Team at DASI. Her responsibilities range from K-12 programs to the University Research Development of SOLIDWORKS Sales and Activities. She is responsible for the successful development and implementation of the Industrial Design Technician Apprenticeship Program, a program she authored with the US DOL in 2014. Annette is responsible for the DASI Portion of a $3 million grant, that was received through the American Apprenticeship initiative in 2015, for companies in the State of Michigan. She is also responsible for facilitating the development of a week-long Summer Camp Program, Engineering and Innovation for 6-8 graders.

Annette oversees the implementation of SOLIDWORKS in K-12’s, Community Colleges & Universities’ as well as, Maker Spaces, Fab Labs, Incubators & Accelerators, as well as the Entrepreneurship Programs at DASI.

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  • SOLIDWORKS Certified Business Solutions Professional


  • SOLIDWORKS PhD Club (2018)
  • SOLIDWORKS 100% Club (2018)
  • SOLIDWORKS Community Spotlight – Women in Technology (2018)
  • SOLIDWORKS Master’s Club (2017) (2016)
  • SOLIDWORKS PhD Club (2015)
  • SOLIDWORKS 100% Club (2014)
  • STEP Award (2013) STEP Award honorees were chosen to be honored because they made significant achievements in manufacturing through positive impact on their company and the industry.
  • Creative Innovation and Trailblazer Award (2012) from the US Department of Labor, Office of Apprenticeship.