Meet the DASI Solutions TEam

Allison Perkins17Subscription Services
Canton, Michigan 
With a degree in Criminal Justice from Western Michigan University, Allison had over 16 years of experience working as an officer of the court for both the Michigan Department of Corrections and Oakland County District Courts. Allison transitioned her career to work for DASI in subscription services, responsible for customer contact and software subscription renewals. Allison lived in Mexico for three years and would not consider herself fluent in Spanish, except when the conversation turned to shopping. She combines her love of travel and culture as she places and supervises foreign exchange students in homes for half year and full year commitments.

Favorite vacation designations are Costa Rica, Italy, and New Orleans. She makes a point to visit Ocean City on the Jersey shore yearly. Allison appreciates art fairs and good meals at amazing restaurants. Allison also bowls on a league.

Cant Live with out: 
Italian Food