Meet the DASI Solutions TEam

DaveStantonPicSolutions Specialist
San Diego, California 

   (888) 327-2974 x1407

Dave manages the “larger” customer accounts in San Diego to help them integrate the complete SOLIDWORKS solution in their design to manufacturing process. After spending 30 years in manufacturing (precision sheet metal, machining, welding) he turned to the software side when he joined Digital Dimensions (now DASI Solutions) in 2006. He attended Grossmont College and San Diego State University.

Dave takes great pleasure in road cycling with friends, building stuff in his home workshop and improving things around the house. 


  • Certified SOLIDWORKS Sales Professional
  • Certified SOLIDWORKS Account Management Expert
  • Certified SOLIDWORKS Solution Sales Professional
  • Certified SOLIDWORKS Sales Specialist 

PCB Achievements 

  • 80 Club 2007
  • 500 Club 2013

Can’t live without: Peanut butter and chocolate.

Favorite Quote:  Treat others as you would want to be treated.” Matt 7:12