Meet the DASI Solutions TEam

Application Engineer
Phoenix, Arizona

Joseph is usually teaching in the Classroom instructing Engineers and Designers looking to get the most out of SOLIDWORKS. He is passionate about design and explains that it is not about what ‘he can do in SOLIDWORKS’, but rather what he can help others learn and accomplish in SOLIDWORKS. He has been with DDi and now DASI since 2004. 

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Galaxy Class Starship1Interests: As if Joseph could not get enough of the classroom, he mentored for FIRST Robotics, specifically Westwood Robotics team 2478. For his debut, the 2015 season, he brought several high schoolers into SOLIDWORKS and unleashed their creative talents and dormant design skills. As Joe describes it, he held daily SOLIDWORKS training sessions for them after school over a couple months before the ‘official’ 6 week FIRST Robotics season stated. Because of this, his students were able to design there robot and crank out drawings immediately so that other kids could start milling parts right away *(Designed and built by the students, he simply offered guidance and marked up their drawings so that they could correct them). As a result they won the Arizona state championship! Please check out an example of the high schoolers work from the following season here:, but be patient, it is a 18mb PDF drawing package that contains 171 pages.

Pack collage

In addition, his favorite tech tip that he wrote was titled CAD for Kids, which he shared with Marie Planchard, the head of Solidworks Education. This mustard seed he planted grew and inspired her project Apps for Kids. You can view his recent update here.

Outside of his job, Joe is working on a life size scale model of a Galaxy Class Starship, and is in the process putting her through an overhaul refit to correct what he describes as ‘Design oversights’ thus enhancing its mission capabilities *(shuttle carrier with a primary focus on logistical support and rescue). Finally Joseph enjoys hunting with his Father.


  • Certified Specialist - DraftSight (CSWS)

  • Certified SOLIDWORKS Instructor - Mechanical Design (CSWI)

  • Certified SOLIDWORKS Expert - Mechanical Design (CSWE)

  • Certified SOLIDWORKS Professional (CSWP)

  • Certified SOLIDWORKS Professional - Advanced Surfacing (CSWPA)

  • Certified SOLIDWORKS Professional - Advanced Sheet Metal (CSWPA)

  • Certified SOLIDWORKS Professional - Advanced Weldments (CSWPA)

  • Certified SOLIDWORKS Professional - Advanced Mold Tools (CSWPA)

  • Certified SOLIDWORKS Professional - Advanced Drawing Tools (CSWPA)

  • Certified SOLIDWORKS Professional - Model Based Definition (CSWP)

  • Certified SOLIDWORKS Associate (CSWA)

  • Certified SOLIDWORKS Simulation Associate - FEA  (CSWA)

  • Certified Sustainable Design Associate (CSWA)

  • Certified SOLIDWORKS Presentation Professional (CSPP)

  • Certified SOLIDWORKS Specialist - Training Mechanical Design (CSWS)

  • Certified SOLIDWORKS Specialist - Mechanical Design (CSWS)

  • Certified SOLIDWORKS Specialist - Composer (CSWS)

  • Certified SOLIDWORKS Specialist - Inspection (CSWS)

  • Certified SOLIDWORKS Specialist - Model Based Definition (CSWS)

  • Certified SOLIDWORKS Specialist - Visualize (CSWS)

  • Certified Specialist - Technical Support Onboarding (CSWS)

  • Certified SOLIDWORKS Support Technician 

  • Certified SOLIDWORKS Workgroup PDM Support Technician

Favorite Quote: 
"And the Colorado Rocky Mountain high, I've seen it rainin' fire in the sky You can talk to God and listen to the casual reply Rocky Mountain high, Colorado. Rocky Mountain high" ~ John Denver (Henry John Deutschendorf, Jr.)