Assembly Modeling teaches you how to maximize your use of the assembly modeling capabilities of SOLIDWORKS mechanical design automation software.
*This course is eligible to be part of the DASI Solutions Apprenticeship Program, certified by the U.S Department of Labor.

Length: 2 days
Prerequisites: SOLIDWORKS Essentials
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  • 01Advanced Mate Techniques 
    SOLIDWORKS Assemblies 
    Assembly File Structure
    File References 
    File Reference Example
    Solving Mates 
    Advanced Mate Techniques
    Mate References 
    Design Library Parts 
    Capture Mate References 
    Multiple Selection Mate References
    Multiple Mate Mode 
    Driven Mates
    Using Misaligned Mates 
    Copying Multiple Components 
    Using Copy with Mate Options
    Fixed Components 
    Inserting and Mating Components 
    Advanced Mate Features 
    Profile Center Mate
    Rack Pinion Mate 
  • 02Top-Down Assembly Modeling 
    Stages in the Process 
    Making Changes to Dimensions 
    Adding Features In Context 
    Inserting a New Part into an Assembly 
    Building In-Context Features 
    Propagating Changes 
    Saving Virtual Parts as External
    External References 
    Breaking and Locking External References
    Machine Vise Design Intent 
    Removing External References
  • 03Assembly Features, Smart Fasteners and Smart Components 
    Assembly Features and Smart Fasteners 
    Assembly Features  
    Smart Fasteners 
    Smart Components 
  • 04Assembly Editing 
    Key Topics 
    Editing Activities 
    Replacing and Modifying Components 
    Troubleshooting an Assembly 
    Replacing Components Using Save As 
    Reloading Components 
    Component Patterns 
  • 05Using Configurations with Assemblies 
    Using Configurations with Assemblies
    Assembly Configurations
    Creating Configurations Maually
    Configuration Properties 
    Using the Modify Configurations Dialog 
    Changing Configurations using the Context Toolbar
    Managing the Tree Display
    Assembly Evaluation Tools 
    Controlling Dimensions in an Assembly 
    Creating an Equality
    Using the Mate Controller 

  • 06Display States and Appearances 
    Display States 
    Bulk Selection Tools
    Advanced Select 
    Appearances, Materials and Scenes 
  • 07Large Assemblies
    Key Topics
    Lightweight Components
    Large Assembly Mode
    Using SpeedPak
    Using Configurations with Large Assemblies
    Modifying the Structure of an Assembly
    Assembly Visualization
    Large Design Review
    Tips for Faster Assemblies
    Drawing Considerations 
  • 08Facility Layout
    Publishing an Asset
    Using Magnetic Mates 
    Modeling Connection Point Geometry
  • 09Using SOLIDWORKS Treehouse 
    SOLIDWORKS Treehouse
    Setting Treehouse Instances
    Exporting Treehouse Data 
  • 10Layout-Based Assembly Design
    Inserting Blocks
    Creating a Part from a Block 
    Gear and Pulley Motion in Blocks