Intro to SOLIDWORKS CAM Standard

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SOLIDWORKS CAM is one of the most exciting new products we have had in years, and it represents a new chapter in SOLIDWORKS as total manufacturing tool. SOLIDWORKS CAM is based on CAMWorks, the first Gold Partner for machining. It uses advanced feature-based machining to look at the volume of solid bodies to develop features to be programed. This allows the tool to be seamlessly integrated into SOLIDWORKS and it will work on any solid body that can be opened inside SOLIDWORKS. The powerful Automatic Feature Recognition (AFR) combines with knowledge-based machining to quickly create fully associative tool paths that can be processed into g-code and run on machines.


As of SOLIDWORKS 2018, all current licenses on subscription include access to SOLIDWORKS CAM standard. CAM Standard includes 2.5 axis milling, Automatic Feature Recognition, toolpath simulation, the technology database, and an NC editor. SOLIDWORKS CAM professional does expand on these capabilities to include turning, high-speed machining, and indexing in the 4th and 5th axis.


The major advantages to the knowledge-based machine programming of SOLIDWORKS CAM is that we can train the technology database in our preferences and processes so that programming parts can be done with a few simple clicks. We can get from part model to g-code in literal minutes.



If you want to learn more about SOLIDWORKS CAM Standard, be sure to download the recorded webinar here!