The User Group forum is a great place to network and meet others who are like-minded and can share their experience and questions to benefit everyone.

centralindianausergroupThere are highly skilled users as well as newbies to the fold. The topics discussed are current and relevant to design practices and situations that most users face everyday. As a "User Group" we are organized to most benefit exactly that -- you the user. We invite your suggestions on how to make the meetings better and how best to serve the interest of the end users.

WHEN:    Wednesday, August 21

WHERE:  Avance Design - 217 West 10th Street, Ste 115, Indianapolis


  • 4:30 Registration, Networking, Refreshments
  • 5:00 General Meeting - Peter
  • 5:05 Greg Dawes (DASI Solutions) presenting "More on Surfacing - Organic Shapes and Model Repair"
  • 6:15 Dinner
  • 6:45 Jay-Shan Jackson (Fisher Unitech) presenting "The Intersect Tool at its Best"
  • 7:45 Photo shoot and door prizes


CONTACT: Peter Fischer