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Complications during Install

Created by: Peter Estes, Application Engineer 

Update (8-29-2017): For an even more detailed log that can be sent into HelpDesk there is another log that can be turned on. In the same right click menu, if you also check 'Create Windows Installer Logs' this will create 'Verbose' logs in the same folder where the standard install logs are created. These logs will have the name of the logged in Windows user.

Windows Installer Logs

We have seen instances where a user will have complications during their install. Normally what happens is the installation isn’t successful at a certain percentage. The Installation manager will then ask you if you would want to save these basic logging files to send up to Tech Support to review.

We ask you to please save these log files and to send them to us. We will then more than likely ask you to try the install again, but this time we would like for you to increase your logging level during the install. In several occasions we have seen when you increase your logging level to HIGH. This will force SOLIDWORKS to be more diligent during the install. When it is more diligent during the install, we have seen SOLIDWORKS sometimes work past where it was hanging up from previous installs, therefore completing the installation.

To increase your logging level, Start your Installation again, then right click across the top bar of the Installation Manager. Then in the drop down menu hover over Installation Logging Levels. Then select High (slowest)

InstallLogFiles1We have not seen a major increase in time of the installation. If the installation does fail again, it generates a more in depth log, that you can send to us as well.