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What version are you running?

How many times have you heard about a certain SOLIDWORKS feature, only to find out it is only available in Premium but you have no idea what version you are running?

Or maybe you always hear about new service packs, but have no idea which one your company is currently running?

Do you sometimes just need to know where your serial number is?

You’re in luck! It’s all right there in SOLIDWORKS for you, in one convenient location!

Inside SOLIDWORKS, go to “Help” in the menu, then select the last option in the drop down called “About SOLIDWORKS.”

Help Menu - About SOLIDWORKS

A pop-up box of information will appear and give you all the information you need, right at the top! It will answer the questions:

  • Are you running SOLIDWORKS Standard, Professional or Premium?
  • What service pack (SP) are you running?
  • What is your serial number?

About SOLIDWORKS information pop-up window

Easy as that! Now you should have all the info you need about your version of the software!