Product Collaboration Overview

SOLIDWORKS product collaboration tools help members of your design team work closely with other project stakeholders. SOLIDWORKS software also provides ways to protect your designs before sharing them beyond your organization and to manage project data and control design revisions. SOLIDWORKS product collaboration tools include:

  • 3D Interconnect – Allows the import and use of 3D CAD data from other systemsand maintains a “link” back to the original geometry so the imported part can be automatically updated. This allows changes that are made after import to the original CAD data, in the original CAD system, to ripple through to the imported model.
  • Large Design Review—Quickly open, navigate, walk-through, measure, section, and create snapshot views with comments of massive assemblies to clearly communicate the design to your team
  • eDrawings® file viewing—Review 2D drawing and 3D model data together using compact, email-friendly file viewing that supports SOLIDWORKS, DWG™, and numerous other CAD formats
  • Defeature: Protect your intellectual property —Use SOLIDWORKS Defeature technology to hide selected aspects of your design before sharing models
  • SOLIDWORKS file management —Use PDM Standard to manage project data with secure file vaulting, automated revision control, and user/group access control. For more advanced PDM capabilities (like multiple sites, product release workflow control, and access by large numbers of users), see SOLIDWORKS Enterprise PDM .
  • Import/Export Over 30 CAD Formats - SOLIDWORKS provides more than 30 translators to convert incoming CAD data into SOLIDWORKS 3D CAD format or to export SOLIDWORKS data to other CAD products.
  • 3D Models for CAD/CAM Integration with CAM Partners – Certified CAM partners provide seamlessly integrated CAM for SOLIDWORKS so you can eliminate data translation and maintain associativity between SOLIDWORKS and your favorite CAM system.
  • 3D Dimensioning and Tolerancing – Dimension, tolerance, and detail your models in 3D if you are looking to eliminate the need for 2D drawings
  • 2D DXF®/DWG® Data – Import and export 2D DXF®/DWG® data in order to reuse and maintain 2D designs, as well as export to manufacturing.
  • Maintain and Update Existing 2D Drawings – edit and view DWG® files in DraftSight®
  • 2D to 3D CAD Conversion Tools - Use your existing 2D design data to help create new designs in SOLIDWORKS 3D
  • Convert 3D Solid Parts to Sheet Metal – Export 2D DXF®/DWG® data directly from 3D solid and sheet metal parts
  • Print Directly to 3D printers: 3MF and AMF Formats - Print directly to 3D printers, similar to how you would print a document to your office printer
  • MCAD to AEC: Prep and export to AEC applications – Quickly prepare a SOLIDWORKS model for import into AEC applications