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DASI Solutions Hosts Additive Manufacturing Event with ASME March 30th


DASI Solutions, in collaboration with the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME), is hosting a special Additive Manufacturing event on March 30, 2016 at 6:30pm at DASI’s corporate headquarters in Downtown Pontiac.

The event will kick off with dinner and networking opportunities. Attendees at this event will have the chance to tour DASI’s in-house Printing Studio, which is equipped with printer technologies that range from the high resolution, diverse material Connex PolyJet printer to the durable, cost effective Fortus FDM. In addition to the tour, attendees will have the opportunity to sit in on a special presentation given by Dave Leahy, DASI’s Simulation Product Specialist, on the full product matrix of the SOLIDWORKS Simulation suite. Dave will showcase capabilities as well as new features and best practices. “DASI Solutions is looking forward to better connecting with the Mechanical Engineers of our region, to not only showcase additive manufacturing, but also present other technology related to design analysis and virtual testing,” said Co-Owner of DASI Solutions, David Darbyshire.

This event is one of many in the near future of DASI Solutions, and for good reason. In addition to DASI’s growth and renovations, the city of Pontiac is also going through a renovation of its own. Yes, that’s right! Pontiac is on the verge of re-emergence as a great place to live and work in the state of Michigan. The redevelopment, which is expected to take about three years, is starting to attract the support of many people including investors, millennials and business owners. On April 13, students from Oakland University will be visiting Downtown Pontiac and touring the diverse business community within. DASI Solutions will be just one of many stops along the tour, helping to showcase some of the technology, manufacturing and rapid prototyping industries here in Pontiac. People are becoming invested in the city again, trying to create more daytime traffic, a stronger housing market and an exciting place to come for night life. DASI Solutions has much to be proud of; its growing, innovative business that is thriving, as well as a city that is being talked about as being the “next Tech-Town” of Southeastern Michigan.

To register for this event, or to see DASI Solution’s full event calendar please visit our Events Calendar.