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DASI Solutions Receives Grant
DASI Solutions, in partnership with Focus: HOPE and JAMA (Jackson Area Manufacturers Association), has been awarded $3 Million in federal grants as part of the American Apprenticeship Initiative. The three organizations have paired together to provide individuals several different apprenticeship opportunities, career pathways and articulation to higher education programs. Collectively, these organizations will help prepare residents of Southeast Michigan for jobs in advanced manufacturing and information technology.

DASI Solutions launched its U.S. Department of Labor recognized Industrial Design Technician Apprenticeship Program in 2015. This is a two year program that includes classroom learning and on the job mentoring to become a highly skilled employee. During the program, the apprentice will have the opportunity to earn internationally recognized SOLIDWORKS Certifications in addition to obtaining their US Department of Labor Journeyperson credentials.  The Industrial Design Technician Apprenticeship Program provides specialized training through DASI/SOLIDWORKS that will not only connect employers with the next generation of skilled workers, but also allow a re-set of skills for those looking to get back into careers as a Designing Engineer.  “Our Industrial Design Technician Apprenticeship Program has the ability to train employees for the future,” says Annette Norris, Business Development Manager for Education. “The skilled trade’s gap is becoming more prominent in Michigan and beyond, and we would love nothing more but to be part of the solution! Here at DASI, we believe apprenticeship is the answer.”

As a recipient of the American Apprenticeship Initiative grand funding, DASI Solutions has the ability to help offset the cost 23% - 47% for each class, per person. Enrollment is now open for each of the programs through the above mentioned companies.

For more information about the Industrial Design Technician Apprenticeship Program, or for information regarding possible funding, please visit http://www.dasisolutions.com/training/apprenticeship-program or contact Annette Norris at Annette@dasi-solutions.com .

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