SOLIDWORKS Toolbox Overview

SOLIDWORKS Toolbox is a vast component library containing over a million standard hardware items. These components can be used “as is” or can be customized to meet your specific company standards. Hardware items can be easily dragged and dropped into your assembly, speeding your design work and helping complete your bill of materials (BOM).

SOLIDWORKS Toolbox includes:

  • Over one million machine components and hardware—bolts, screws, washers, nuts, bearings, jig bushings, keys, O-rings, pings, power transmission components, retaining rings, and structural members
  • Components corresponding to a wide range of international standards—ANSI, AS, BSI, CISC, DIN, GB, IS, ISO, JS, KS, US MIL
  • Ball, roller, and needle bearings from SKF® Torrington (inch and metric sizes)
  • Specialty fasteners from PEM® Fasteners (inch and metric sizes)
  • Retaining rings from Truarc®
  • Structural profiles from Unistrut®