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First Look: SOLIDWORKS Manage

Presenter: Greg Dawes, Elite AE 

Duration: 30 minutes

Overview: SOLIDWORKS Manage which goes beyond basic data management to provide optimal insight and project workflow organization across departments. We focus on the 4 primary pillars of the software: Project Management, BOMs & Records, Process Management, and Dashboards and Reporting.

Product Spotlight: PDM Professional

Presenter: Darin Grosser, Elite Engineer 

Duration: 50 minutes

Overview:  See how SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional Vault Replication does the 'heavy lifting' by storing the DATA files "Local" to the users in a Multi Location environment.

Get to Know PDM Standard (Part of the Lesser Known Tools Series)

Presenter: Darin Grosser, Elite Engineer 

Duration: 47 minutes

Overview: Darin @ DASI answers 4 simple questions about PDM Standard. Who, What, How and Why in this 47 minute webinar. 

7 Ways PDM Supports Engineering & Management Goals


 Greg Dawes Elite Application Engineer 

Durration: 43 minutes

Overview: Have you ever wondered...What would happen in your company if engineering became easier AND management was able to better meet business goals?  Sound too good to be true? In this webinar we discuss the many ways that a proper data management system can help you. 


Document Management & Intellectual Property Protection


Dennis Strieter, PDM Product Manager & Greg Dawes Elite Application Engineer 

Durration: 43 minutes

Overview: This is a first of a 4 part series addressing Key business challenges both engineering and management teams face each day related to document management. Part 1 covers intellectual property protection, examining topics such as, The levels of security that data management can offer, Getting the right data to the right people etc. 


The New Standard in Data Management

Presenter: Steve Fick, DS SOLIDWORKS Territory Technical Manager 

Duration: 15 minutes

Overview: So you've likely heard the news that Workgroup is being retired... don't worry, you've got plenty of time! But it's time to start thinking about what's next. But where do you start? In this webinar recording, we Review the upcoming changes and discuss your options Outline a clear set of steps that you and your team can engage in to ensure a successful transition Discuss a worksheet that will provide us key information about your current Workgroup PDM installation to be used for planning a successful transition

Getting PDM Ready


Darin Grosser, Sr. Application Engineer & Dennis Strieter, EPDM Product Manager

Length: 45 minutes

Overview: Companies of all sizes, small to large, are realizing that having a system to effectively manage their data and documents is no longer an IF, but a WHEN. Whether it is engineering data or Office documents, having a data management system (PDM) is vital to insuring only the right people have access to the right data at the right time. While you may not know when you will begin using a PDM tool, do you know HOW you will implement it? In this webinar, you will learn about what you can be doing today to make that move to PDM easier in the future. We'll also share file and property management tricks that will save you time… even if you don't have PDM.

Publishing Your Data Using SolidWorks Enterprise PDM


Darin Grosser, Sr. Application Engineer & Dennis Strieter, EPDM Product Manager - DASI Solutions

Length: 32 minutes

Overview: This special 22-minute webinar shows you how you can improve your data publishing. Not only will you learn how you can automate creating these different formats from your engineering data, we’ll also show how you won’t have to worry about distributing that data any more either!

Process Control & Notification


Dennis Strieter, PDM Product Manager & Darin Grosser, Lead Application Engineer

Durration: 56 minutes

Overview: See how engineering workgroups are using SolidWorks EPDM to help them more effectively manage their various processes. The increased demands to implement process based quality systems or insure regulatory compliance have forced many firms to add elaborate complex processes to adhere to these standards. View recording to see how some EPDM can take the pain out of adhering to the processes.


What's New in SOLIDWORKS Electrical 2018


Cheri Guntzviller - Electrical  Application Specialist

Length: 23 Minutes 

Overview: In this webinar recording, discover the latest enhancements and improvements to the SOLIDWORKS Electrical software for 2018!

The Latest PCB Design Collaboration


Brad Rach - Application Engineer

Length: 33 Minutes 

Overview: High tech doesn't come without some level of PCB (Printed Circuit Board) integration in modern equipment. This 30 minute webinar explored the purpose-built tool for bringing PCB board designers and SOLIDWORKS users together with SOLIDWORKS PCB.

What's New in SOLIDWORKS Electrical Schematic 2017


Cheri Guntzviller, Electrical Applications Specialist 

Length: 50 minutes 

Overview: Check out this recorded webinar presentation to see more of what can be accomplished with the new features and enhancements that have been made to SOLIDWORKS Electrical Schematic for 2017. 

Save Time on Your Electrical Project with SOLIDWORKS Schematic


Cheri Guntzviller, Electrical Applications Specialist

Length: 50 Minutes

Overview: This webinar will show you a faster, more efficient way to manage your company's electrical projects. In addition, you will discover how SOLIDWORKS Schematic can give you up to 60% time savings on schematic and documenation creation.

SOLIDWORKS Electrical Combine Electrical-Mechanical Expertise


Cheri Guntzviller, Electrical Applications Specialist 

Length: 35 minutes

Overview: Are the part quantities properly tallied and all the items for both electrical and mechanical systems on your project Bill of Materials always correct? If you run into delays and discrepancies in any of these areas you'll want to join us for this webinar that will showcase the benefits of a combined electrical and mechanical Bill of Material. 

SOLIDWORKS Electrical - Intelligent 2D Schematics


Cheri Guntzviller, Electrical Applications Specialist - DASI Solutions

Length: 40 minutes

Overview: Learn how a User Interface built specifically for Electrical Engineers and Designers will dramatically improve your design team’s quality and productivity. Utilizing intelligent symbols, circuits and components that are aware of each other, data is dynamically updated reducing the need for time wasting audits and manual updates.

SOLIDWORKS Electrical - Communicating Electrical More Effectively


Cheri Guntzviller, Electrical Applications Specialist

Length: 40 minutes

Overview: What does sharing electrical design information mean for your day? Making copies of prints, creating PDF’s and a variety of different design or project reports??? If you need to audit your designs, generate information for other departments, suppliers and customers you’ll want to attend this 33 minute webinar that will show you how you can save a significant amount of time in your day by using SOLIDWORKS Electrical to automate these time consuming tasks.

What's New in SOLIDWORKS Electrical 2016


Cheri Guntzviller, Electrical Application Specialist

Length:  25 minutes

Overview: Watch this webinar recording to get a glimpse of the latest improvements and enhancements to the SOLIDWORKS Electrical software for the 2016 edition.

SOLIDWORKS Electrical - Benefits of Uniting 2D & 3D


Cheri Guntzviller, Electrical Applications Specialist - DASI Solutions

Length: Approx. 40 minutes

Overview: If electrical designs are delayed due to issues with interdepartmental communication and workflow, then you won’t want to miss this webinar. DASI Solutions will provide customer success stories on how SOLIDWORKS is uniting 2D Schematics with 3D Modeling.

The Effects of Change


Cheri Guntzviller  - Electrical Applications Specialist

Length: 52 Minutes 

Overview: Change is a constant in the life of an engineer. How those changes can affect us and our workload depends highly on the tools we have to use to get the tasks done. If change is a constant at your job and time is short, consider your tools.This webinar explores how SOLIDWORKS Electrical Schematic is the tool you need to make you more efficient when changes come flying in.