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    Features  SOLIDWORKS
    CAD Integration      
    SOLIDWORKS Native File Support    X X X
    Associative with SOLIDWORKS              X X X
    SOLIDWORKS-embedded X X X
    Plastics Material Database      
    4000+ Commercial Plastics    X X X
    Customizable  X X X
    Wizard for mesh generation and analysis setup X X X
    Automatic X X X
    Boundary Mesh (shell) X X X
    Solid 3D Mesh X X X
    Global Mesh Refinement X X X
    Local Mesh Refinement X X X
    Simulation Capabilities      
    Filling, Phase (1st stage injection) X X X
    Packing Phase (2nd stage injection) X X X
    Automatic Gate Location(s) X X X
    Instantaneous Fill Time Plot    X X X
    Runner Balancing X X X
    Sink Mark Analysis  X X X
    Mold Geometry Support      
    Runner Design Wizard   X X X
    Sprues and Runners   X X X
    Hot and Cold Runners X X X
    Multi-Cavity Molds  X X X
    Family Molds  X X X
    Cooling Lines   X X X
    Baffles and Bubblers X X X
    Conformal Cooling Channels  X X X
    Mold Inserts  X X X
    Analysis Types      
    Plastics filling analysis  X X X
    Gate location analysis  X X X
    Sink marks prediction    X X
    Cooling quality analysis X X X
    Runner Balancing Analysis    X X
    Packing Analysis    X X
    Part Mass vs Time    X X
    Automatic Packing Time     X X
    Advanced Simulation Capabilities      
    Co-Injection   X X
    Multi-Shot    X X
    Insert Overmolding    X X
    Gas-Assist    X X
    Fiber Analysis    X X
    Reaction Injection Molding (RIM; Thermosets)    X X
  X X 
    Valve Gates (sequential injection)    X X 
    Automatic Valve Gates opening times    X X 
    Cooling Line Analysis      X 
    Conformal Cooling Analysis      X 
    Warpage Analysis      X 
    eDrawing Support  X X X 
    Fill Time   X X X 
    Ease to Fill  X X X 
    Results Advisor  X X X 
    Nominal Wall Thickness Adviser  X X X 
    Pressure at End of Fill  X X X 
    Flow Front Temperature  X X X 
    Temperature at End of Fill  X X X 
    Shear Stress  X X X 
    Shear Rate  X X X 
    Cooling Time X X X 
    Weld Lines  X X X 
    Air Traps   X X X
    Sink Marks X X X 
    Sink Mark Profiles     X 
    Frozen Layer Fraction at End of Fill  X X X 
    Velocity Vectors  X X X 
    Clamp Force  X X X 
    Cycle Time  X X X 
    Volumetric Shrinkage   X X 
    Mold Temperature at Cooling End       X 
    Displacement due to Residual Stress      X 
    Mold Temperature at Cooling End     X 
    Displacement due to Residual Stress      X 
    Exports STL, NASTRAN      X 
    Export with mechanical properties ABAQUS, ANSYS, DigiMat     X 
    Language Support      
    English  X X  X 
    Traditional Chinese  X X  X 
    Simplified Chinese  X X  X 
    German X X  X 
    Korean X X  X 
    French X X  X 
    Japanese X X  X 
    Italian  X X  X 
    Russian  X X  X 
    Spanish  X X  X 
    Parallel computing (multi-core)  X X X
    Report Generation X    
    Microsoft Word X X   X
    Microsoft PowerPoint  X X   X
    HTML  X X X