"We needed a 3D CAD package that allowed us to create equipment more efficiently, make design changes more easily, and interact with our machine shop more effectively."

Jack Ottarson
Senior Engineer, MSU National Cyclotron Lab
  National Superconduction Cyclotron Laboratory

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The SOLIDWORKS Research License gives researchers the latest in SOLIDWORKS design and science engineering technology, while connecting them with other users around the world.

The software and output has no restrictions for use in publications, industry-funded projects, intellectual property transfer, and patent applications, and does not contain an educational watermark. The Research License follows the SOLIDWORKS commercial licensing agreement, letting researchers grow their capabilities with the industry‚Äôs most flexible platform. SOLIDWORKS Research License software follows the same release schedule as the commercial version of SOLIDWORKS, keeping your tools and designs up-to-date.

If your research involves developing intellectual property, applying for patents, or publishing results from internally or externally funded projects, the SOLIDWORKS Research License is the right tool for you. This suite of products assists in getting you to your research goals faster.

Full design and analysis
This full suite of design and analysis tools available in one user interface provides a comprehensive 3D design solution that enables you to create, validate, communicate, and manage your research quickly, efficiently, and accurately.

Go from concept to validation
With SOLIDWORKS software, you can go from initial concept through advanced analysis and validation of hypothesis, with valuable insights to optimize performance in the most cost-effective manner. SOLIDWORKS helps you cut down on costly prototypes and eliminate rework and delays no matter the material or use environment.

Full technical support resources
Full technical support resources include a comprehensive library of technical articles, help topics, tech tips, tech alerts, macros, and best practices, all written and reviewed by SOLIDWORKS experts. Whenever you need information, you can be confident that the answers are at your fingertips.