EntrepreneurImageWe know that starting a business from the ground up can be tough. We've been there. How do you conceive of and design a product, test it, prepare it for manufacturing and launch a business and brand – all before you ever make a profit? SOLIDWORKS for Entrepreneurs is helping innovators, makers and entrepreneurs like you to create disruptive and groundbreaking products. SOLIDWORKS wants to empower you with the tools (SOLIDWORKS software and co-marketing opportunities) and expose you to a new market of passionate engineers.

What you get:

  • SOLIDWORKS design tools 10+ hours of free online learning with My.SolidWorks.com
  • A kick-off call with the SOLIDWORKS for Entrepreneurs team and Customer Marketing Program Manager
  • Co-marketing opportunities, including online promotion and speaking opportunities
  • Design guidance from SOLIDWORKS engineers
  • Hundreds of additional resources and tips to take your ideas to the next level

DASI IS HERE TO HELP! Contact us for more information on special training opportunities for members of the SOLIDWORKS for Entrepreneurs program! Download SOLIDWORKS for Entrepreneurs Application 

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   (248) 520-0635

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