SOLIDWORKS Academic Certification for students and educators is an integral part of the SOLIDWORKS Education Program. Innovative and effective learning materials provide solutions, training, tools, and support to help distinguish students from their competition.

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freestudentdownloadDemonstrate expertise with SOLIDWORKS 3D solid modeling for your professional and competitive advantage

In today’s competitive workplace, CAD professionals need every edge they can get. The SOLIDWORKS Academic Certification Provider program gives students and educators a way to demonstrate their expertise with SOLIDWORKS 3D solid modeling software, design concepts, and sustainable design, and their commitment to professional development. Students get a proven competitive edge in the workplace; and educators and schools enhance their expertise and provide new opportunities as SOLIDWORKS Academic Certification Providers.

The SOLIDWORKS industry-standard engineering design competency program gives students and teachers a competitive advantage. Program goals:

  • Help students get a great job after graduation by preparing them for workplace demands and motivating them to take the next step in their learning
  • Continually upgrade implementation by monitoring exam assessment data to adapt and improve certification material, industry alignment skills, and instructor training
  • Advance students’ professional development and CAD proficiency through the SOLIDWORKS Virtual Testing Center