We’ve combined the best technology in PCB design with an easy-to-use interface and linked it with SOLIDWORKS CAD to give you an efficient design experience that gets your PCBs done quickly and easily — just what you need when PCBs are only a part of your product design workflow.


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The new SOLIDWORKS PCB powered by Altium design tool combines the power and usability of Altium with the 3D expertise of SOLIDWORKS to unite the electronic and mechanical worlds, one design at a time. By integrating electronic designs seamlessly with SOLIDWORKS utilizing your trusted mechanical workflow, designs come to life with integrated design data, managed ECO processes, and greater analysis capabilities. SOLIDWORKS PCB is focused on bringing the best of both worlds together. Do what you do best in SOLIDWORKS, and let SOLIDWORKS PCB handle your PCB design needs.

SOLIDWORKS PCB Connector Powered by ALTIUM
SOLDWORKS PCB Connector powered by Altium. A revolutionary product allows current and future uses of Altium design products to preserve and enhance their investments with the innovative collaboration and data management capabilities found in SOLDWORKS PCB.