Altair Evolveā„¢ allows industrial designers to develop forms faster, using either Windows or Mac OS X.

It enables you to capture an initial sketch, explore styling alternatives, and visualize products with realistic renderings generated in real time. Evolve provides organic surface modeling and parametric control, with NURBS-based surfaces and solids and a unique Construction Tree history feature. It frees designers from the constraints of engineering-oriented CAD tools, while allowing the export of digital models required by others in the product development process. Click here to view partner site. 


  • Free form surfacing and solid modeling in a single package.
  • Construction Tree history provides real-time updates when editing a point, parameter, or surface
  • Real-time photorealistic image rendering and animations

Advanced NURBS Modeling
Evolve uses NURBS (Non Uniform Rational B-Splines) as its geometry type. This curve and surface definition method offers the greatest flexibility and precision. NURBS are capable of representing any desired shape, both analytic and free form, and their algorithms are extremely fast and stable. Full NURBS-based modeling, construction history and the most advanced modeling tools make Evolve a matchless tool for designers.

Polygonal Modeling and Subdivision Surfaces
Evolve also features an advanced polygonal modeler with support of n-side polygons. It is possible to create and extrude polygons, split faces and edges, refine, decimate, and perform many other operations. The unique implementation of interactive subdivision surfaces with construction history gives the user maximum power for refinement and smoothing of polygonal meshes.

Reverse Engineering

  • Nurbify - Create a surface from a point cloud file
  • PointCloud from object - Create a PointCloud given a surface
  • Curve from PointCloud - Creates a curve from a point cloud

Real-Time Photo Realistic Rendering
Take advantage of a truly comprehensive rendering system integrating all industryleading rendering techniques. The most efficient memory management functions, unlimited output resolution, as well as multithreaded and multi-processor renderings makes Evolve the perfect tool for generating photo realistic images. Real-time rendering further improves interactivity during the review and visualization phases of design.

Take your design presentations to the next level by creating photo realistic animations. Create videos or Quicktime VR movies to communicate complex ideas, or import H3D files to produce stunning simulations.