“Because SOLIDWORKS Flow Simulation allowed me to refine the aerobar profile aerodynamics before we visited the wind tunnel, we validated the design’s performance in a single round of testing… It would have taken at least four trips to the wind tunnel... From that standpoint, our savings on the first project paid for the software.”

Ron Correa
CFD Aerodynamics Analyst, Full Speed Ahead

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What is SOLIDWORKS Flow Simulation?

SOLIDWORKS Flow Simulation is a fluid dynamics and heat transfer simulation tool that gets added in to your existing SOLIDWORKS CAD. With this tool, you can test and validate your designs in a virtual environment before you commit to physical prototypes.


Who is SOLIDWORKS Flow Simulation For?

The interface for SOLIDWORKS Flow Simulation has been tailored towards 3D CAD designers and engineers who want to get quick feedback on their fluid flow and heat transfer design decisions.


Why Should I use SOLIDWORKS Flow Simulation?

Consider using Flow Simulation if:

  • You are concerned that fluid and heat movement are inadequate in your design.
  • You’d like to be able to experiment with different concepts without constructing many expensive physical prototypes.
  • You’d like to understand your product better.

Key Features:

Flow Simulation uses a high-powered nonlinear CFD solver developed originally in the 1980s. In front of this engine is an interface specifically designed for ease-of-use. While the solver is running, users can preview results and monitor convergence with intuitive graphs and cut plots. Animations of the results and access to over 50 different types of result parameters can give designers and engineers highly-detailed feedback on the performance of their design.


How Much Does SOLIDWORKS Flow Simulation Cost?

Contact a DASI Solutions sales representative to set up a consultation to discover the best solution to meet your specific business challenges – what package has the features you need, Subscription Service benefits, term licenses and many other solutions.

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