“Visualize is worth every penny I spent on it. I now have time to work on the designs, knowing that it will do the rest. Sometimes it’s like having another member of the team and does its job faster and with outstanding quality.”

Nuno Teixeria
Principal @ Nuno Teixeira Industrial Design

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SOLIDWORKS Visualize Brings Your Products To Life! 
Now you can create convincing, life like movies and images to use for product comparisons, print and web content, design reviews, or even interactive experiences. You can show your product in multiple visual configurations with different scenes, lighting, and artistic filters. SOLIDWORKS Visualize accurately simulates real-world lighting and advanced materials, while scaling rendering performance to meet the highest demands. Easily add movement, create 360-degree spins, or animate cameras, materials, models, or even the sun. Changes are displayed in real time for maximum flexibility and speed. 

As an added value to our customers, SOLIDWORKS Premium or Professional users who are active with their Subscription are eligible to download SOLIDWORKS Visualize Standard at no cost!

SOLIDWORKS Visualize is "The Camera" that enables users of SOLIDWORKS and other CAD data programs to create, communicate, and collaborate with high-quality visual, emotional content to drive innovation, design decisions, and business solutions. SOLIDWORKS Visualize allows users to quickly create images and complex animations of their products that look just like real photos, which considerably cuts prototyping costs. This helps our users deliver better products to the market faster. Since SOLIDWORKS Visualize's results are truly photographic, you can now create your marketing collateral in parallel to design development, and beat your competition to the marketplace.  NO CAD Knowledge required. With its simple, intuitive user interface, SOLIDWORKS Visualize requires virtually no learning curve and lets users produce content quickly. Detailed training materials, in-depth help files, online tutorials, and user forums provide more detailed instructions to help ensure that even non-technical staff can start creating amazing content quickly. 

SOLIDWORKS Visualize Boost (Network Rendering) 
Do you need to create more amazing SOLIDWORKS Visualize content faster than before? Look No further! 

SOLIDWORKS Visualize Boost is a new SOLIDWORKS add-on product to SOLIDWORKS Visualize Professional that instantly increases render speeds and content productivity. Similar to a printer queue in your office, SOLIDWORKS Visualize Boost allows SOLIDWORKS Visualize Professional users to send jobs to other machines, freeing up your machine to keep using Visualize or other demanding applications. SOLIDWORKS Visualize Boost is a separate installation and should be installed on a separate computer(s) for the best experience.