“Visualize is worth every penny I spent on it. I now have time to work on the designs, knowing that it will do the rest. Sometimes it’s like having another member of the team and does its job faster and with outstanding quality.”

Nuno Teixeria
Principal @ Nuno Teixeira Industrial Design

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What is SOLIDWORKS Visualize?

Bring your products to life! SOLIDWORKS Visualize is a photo-realistic rendering package to bring life into your product designs for everything from design reviews to marketing materials. SOLIDWORKS Visualize works as a virtual studio with lights and cameras to simulate real life environments. Visualize Professional also includes the ability to create animations and dramatic cameral sweeps.


Who is SOLIDWORKS Visualize For?

Those who need to create realistic images and videos of their product designs prior to prototyping or manufacturing should consider using SOLIDWORKS Visualize.


Key Benefits of Using SOLIDWORKS Visualize:

  1. Integration and live updating with SOLIDWORKS 3D CAD data
  2. Many different file types can be brought into Visualize including .obj files, making it easier to find supporting models for your project
  3. Marketing costs can be reduced by not needing physical models for photography
  4. Easily change appearances on the fly to test out colors and textures



How Much Does SOLIDWORKS Visualize Cost?


SOLIDWORKS Visualize Professional is INCLUDED FREE for all SOLIDWORKS Professional and Premium customers active on subscription. For other inquiries, contact a DASI Solutions sales representative to set up a consultation to discover the best solution to meet your specific business challenges – what package has the features you need, Subscription Service benefits, term licenses and many other solutions.

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