SWFREETrialExperience how SOLIDWORKS can make a difference in your business environment.
There are two types of Trial experiences that we offer; online trial and the traditional trial experience. Learn which is right for you below. 

1.) Online Trial Experience
Did you know that you can now use SOLIDWORKS directly from within your favorite web browser?  If you would like to get started on your trial quickly, and have access to hundreds of hours of online tutorial videos then this is the choice for you.  To get started be sure that you have a MySOLIDWORKS account.  It is free to set up an account and this will be the gateway to your trial license and tutorial content.  Simply visit my.SOLIDWORKS.com and click Join in the upper right hand of the screen to setup your account.  Once that is done return to this page and simply fill out the form below, but be sure to enter the same email address in our form that you used to set up your MySOLIDWORKS account.  Once we receive your information we can get your 15 day evaluation started and have you up and running very quickly. 

2.) Traditional Trial Experience
If you prefer to install SOLIDWORKS locally on your system and not use it within your browser then the Traditional Trial is for you.  It will require you to interact with us a bit, but we’ll do our best to get you up and running as quickly as possible, which is usually within a day or so. 

There are three steps to this process:

  1. Fill out the request a trial form and we’ll get the process started by requesting your trial serial number. 
  2. Review the system requirements on our website to ensure your computer has the horsepower to run SOLIDWORKS efficiently.  If it does not then consult our team or consider the Online Trial. 
  3. Download the SOLIDWORKS installation files using this link

After you complete the steps above one of our Solutions Specialists will get in touch with you to provide you with your evaluation serial number.