DFMXpress Overview

SOLIDWORKS DFMXpress analysis tool validates the manufacturability of parts designed with SOLIDWORKS. Use DFMXpress to identify design areas that might cause problems during fabrication or increase production costs, and quickly review parts with mill, drill, turning, sheet metal, and injection molding requirements.

DFMXpress functionality includes:

  • Drilled hole checks—hole diameter-to-depth ratio, flat bottoms on holes, perpendicular entry surfaces, holes that intersect internal cavities, partial holes, tolerance checks
  • Milled feature checks—deep pockets and slots, inaccessible features, sharp internal corners, fillets on outside edges
  • Turned part checks—minimum corner radii for turned parts, bore relief for turned parts
  • Sheet metal checks—hole diameters vs. available tooling, hole-to-edge distance, hole spacing, bend radii
  • Standard hole size checks—checks hole vs. available tooling
  • Injection molding checks—maximum and minimum wall checks
  • Checks for draft, undercuts, and advanced thickness analysis are also included in SOLIDWORKS and can be found by clicking the “Evaluate” tab
  • Simulation of plastic mold filling is available in SOLIDWORKS Plastics