Quickly find CAD files and information on your computer network, in libraries, in SOLIDWORKS PDM, or on the Internet using the search capabilities in SOLIDWORKS 3D CAD software. You’ll save time when searching for CAD files and models, looking for CAD commands, or seeking help and advice about using SOLIDWORKS more productively to accelerate your design process.

CAD Search Overview

Quickly locating the files you need helps streamline product development. SOLIDWORKS search filters in the SOLIDWORKS FeatureManager—and in Help Search and Command Search in the user interface—provide quick answers and avoid duplication. With SOLIDWORKS CAD Search, you can:

  • Search for individual files, products, or like-items (for example, all the “pumps”)
  • Leverage the power of Windows® Desktop Search
  • View and search directories from inside SOLIDWORKS File Explorer
  • Search for Commands that you would like to learn about or use
  • Search the Help system—including related online knowledge-based articles and community forums