Smart Components and Smart Fasteners in SOLIDWORKS 3D CAD software bring focused automation to the individual part level for designers and engineers, accelerating your design process, saving time and development costs, and increasing productivity.

Smart Components and Smart Fasteners Overview
SOLIDWORKS Smart Components and Smart Fasteners have built-in intelligence that enables fasteners and various components to do some of the design work for you automatically. Store Smart Content in the CAD Library and then use it to speed your designs. Intelligent SOLIDWORKS content items include:

  • Smart Fasteners—Includes fasteners that automatically assemble and adjust length appropriately for part thickness, washers, and nut stack up
  • Smart Components—Parts or assemblies that automatically create necessary clearance holes or cuts, and assemble necessary associated components when added to a design (snap rings that cut their own mounting grooves, for example).
  • Custom Content—Create your own Smart Content to meet specialized design needs