This course builds on the fundamentals taught in SOLIDWORKS Essentials, teaching you how to make drawings of SOLIDWORKS parts and assemblies.
*This course is eligible to be part of the DASI Solutions Apprenticeship Program, certified by the U.S Department of Labor.

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Prerequisites: SOLIDWORKS Essentials

Course Price: $300

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  • 01Review of the Basics
    Review of Essentials
    Drawing System Options
    Beginning a New Drawing
    View Palette and Model Views
    Detailing Techniques
    Section & Detail Views
    Moving Drawing Views
    Moving Dimensions
    Center Marks & Centerlines
    Assembly Drawing Review
    Adding Sheets
    Standard 3 View
  • 02Understanding Drawing Templates
    Structure of a Drawing Document
    Drawing Documents & Sheets
    Sheet Format
    Understanding Drawing Templates
    Drawing Template Design Strategy
    Designing a Drawing Template
    Creating a Sample Model and Drawing
  • 03Customizing the Sheet Format
    Completing the Title Block Sketch
    Completing the Title Block Notes
    Tips for Locating Notes
    Adding a Company Logo
    Defining the Border
    Setting Anchors
    Title Block Fields
  • 04Saving & Testing the Sheet Format File
    Sheet Format Properties
    Sheet Format Behavior
    Saving the Sheet Format
    Testing the Sheet Format & Sheet Format Properties
  • 05Creating Additional Sheet Formats & Templates
    Creating Additional Sheet Formats
    Drawing Templates with Sheet Formats
    Other Drawing Template Items
    Property Tab Builder
    Properties.txt File
  • 06Advanced Options for Drawing Views 
    Advanced Drawing Views
    Showing Hidden Edges
    Broken-out Section View
    Auxiliary View
    Rotating Views
    Crop View
    View Focus
    Advanced Views for Assemblies
    Section Scope
    Alternate Position View
    Using Configurations
    Custom View Orientations
    New & Relative Views
    3D Drawing Views
  • 07Understanding Annotation Views
    Understanding Annotation Behavior
    What are Annotation Views?
    Annotations Folder
    Default Annotation Views
    Annotations View Visibility
    Insert Annotation View
    Editing Annotation Views
  • 08Advanced Detailing Tools
    Annotation Views vs. Model Items
    Parametric Notes
    Dimension Types
    Arranging Dimensions
    Dimension Styles
    Location Labels
  • 09Advanced Options for BOM Tables
    Tables in SOLIDWORKS
    Bill of Materials Properties
    Displaying the BOM Assembly Structure
    Modifying a Table
    Saving a Table Template
    Properties of BOM Tables
    BOM Component Options
    Balloon Indicator 
  • 10Additional SOLIDWORKS Tables
    Inserting a Hold Table
    Splitting a Table
    Using a Revision Table
    Leader Annotation Options
    Design Tables in Drawings
  • 11Additional Drawing Tools
    Reusing Drawings
    Draw Compare
    SOLIDWORKS Design Checker
    SOLIDWORKS Task Scheduler
  • 12Managing Performance
    Performance Evaluation
    Detailing Practices
    System Options & Document Properties
    Open Options
    Detached Drawings
    Hardware and Performance
    Additional Considerations
    Quick Reference Guide