The goal of this course is to dig deeper into advanced topics not fully covered in previous training courses.

Length: 2 days 
Pre-requisites: SOLIDWORKS Electrical Schematics 
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  • 01Line Diagram Harnesses 
    Creating a Harness 
    Stages in the Process 
    Project Harnesses 
     -Harness Data 
     -Detailed Cabling 
     -Opening a SW File from the Browser 
     -Route Selected Harness 
     -Routing Parameters 
     -Routing Algorithms
     -Harness Routes 
  • 02Multi Level Terminals and Black Boxes 
    Multi Level Terminal
    Stages in the Process 
    Terminal Numbering
      -Black Boxes 
    Stages in the Process
    Black Box Circuits

  • 03Library, Classification Management 
    Creating a Library 
    Stages in the Process 
    Library Filters 
     -Component Classifications
    Stages in the Process 
     -Advanced Properties

  • 04Import DXF DWG Files 
    Stages in the Process 
    File Definition
    Symbol and Title Block Mapping
    Convert Attributes
    Configuration Files
    Review Results
  • 05Import Manufacturers Parts 
    Stages in the Process 
     -Title Rows
     -Data Comparison
     -Data Manager
  • 06ERP Database Connection
    Stages in the Process 
    ERP Connection
     -Connection to Database
     -Main data 
     -User Data 
    Customize User Data 
    ERP Data Flow 
    Update Data 
  • 07Export to Import from Excel 
    Stages in the Process 
    Excel Export/Import Configuration 
    Export to Excel 
     -XLS Snapshot
    Import from Excel
    Replace Data 
    Stages in the Process 
  • 08Auto Generate Drawings From Excel
    Stages in the Process 
    Excel Macros and Variables 
    Linking SQL Tables to Excel
    Inserting Drawings and Types
    Exercise 8: Excel Automation
    Macros Variables
  • 09Report Creation 
     -Reports Structure
     -Reports Location
    Lesson Structure 
    Stages in the Process 
    Basic Query 
    Adding Fields
    Filtering Fields 
    Writing a Complex Query 
    Table Aliases 
    User Data 
    Part Descriptions 
    Can Sum
    Location Parts 
    Report Query