Designed for users who would like to become productive faster, this introductory course offers hands-on training on the use of SOLIDWORKS Flow Simulation. The two-day training program provides an in-depth session on the basics of fluid flow analysis, in addition to covering meshing concerns, modeling concerns, analysis, ecourselogopost-processing, available options and preferences.

Length: 2 days
Prerequisites: Some experience using SOLIDWORKS

Course Price: $1,495

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  • 01Creating a SOLIDWORKS Flow Simulation Project 
    Problem Description
    Model Preparation
  • 02Meshing
    Project Description
    Computational Mesh
    Basic Mesh
    Initial Mesh
    Geometry Resolution
    Result Resolution/Level of Initial Mesh 
    Control Planes 
  • 03Thermal Analysis 
    Perforated Plates 
  • 04External Transient Analysis 
    Problem Description 
    Reynolds Number 
    External Flow
    Transient Analysis 
    Turbulence Intensity 
    Solution Adaptive Mesh Refinement 
    Two Dimensional Flow
    Computational Domain 
    Calculation Control Options
    Time Animation
  • 05Conjugate Heat Transfer 
    Conjugate Heat Transfer 
    Real Gases 
  • 06EFD Zooming 
    EFD Zooming 
  • 07Porous Media
    Porous Media
    Design Modification 
  • 08Rotating Reference Frames 
    Sliding Mesh
    Tangential Faces of Rotors 
  • 09Parametric Study
    Parametric Analysis 
    Steady State Analysis
    Goal Optimization
    Design Scenario 
    Multi Parameter Optimization
  • 10Cavitation 
  • 11Relative Humidity
  • 12Particle Trajectory 
    Particle Study: Physical Settings 
    Particle Study: Wall Condition 
  • 13Supersonic Flow
    Drag Coefficient 
    Shock Waves 
  • 14FEA Load Transfer