SOLIDWORKS Large Assembly Performance focuses on assembly design practices to help reduce overhead in a large assembly or drawing. It also covers assembly diagnostic and visualization tools.
*This course is eligible to be part of the DASI Solutions Apprenticeship Program, certified by the U.S Department of Labor.

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Prerequisites: None

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  • 01Introduction and Overview
    Covers what a large assembly is, and the basics on understanding performance issues 
  • 02Planning and File Management
    Covers the key elements to plan for a large assembly with SOLIDWORKS 0
  • 03Software Settings
    Covers settings in SOLIDWORKS that impact performance and discuss if they should be enabled 


  • 04Components
    Covers part design, features that cause performance impacts and how to avoid issues  
    Develop exercises on patterns, configurations external references and toolbox  


  • 05Assemblies
    Cover file search order, and various methods for loading less data into RAM. 
    Cover assembly expert for diagnosing assembly performance 
    Develop exercise for Assembly Expert 
  • 06Drawings 
    Covers various ways to increase drawing performance as it relates to large assemblies 


  • 07Hardware 
    Covers how hardware and settings effect performance and how to get the most out of the hardware available 0
  • 08Planning for a Large Assembly 
    Covers project planning and how to simply purchase components for reuse
    Develop exercises for assembly visulization and purchased part clean up