ecourselogoSOLIDWORKS Mold Design teaches you several manual mold creation techniques and how to use the Mold Tools in SOLIDWORKS mechanical design automation software.
*This course is eligible to be part of the DASI Solutions Apprenticeship Program, certified by the U.S Department of Labor.

Length: 1 day
Prerequisites: Advanced Part Modeling

Course Price: $300

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  • 01Surface Concepts and Imported Geometry 
    Hide/Show Tree Items
    Accessing Commands 
    Importing Data 
    3D Model Types 
    Creating Solids from Surfaces
    Decomposing a Solid into Surfaces
    Additional Surface Concepts
    Importing and Mold Design 
    File Translators 
    Modeling Systems 
    File Translation
    Why Do Imports Fail
    SOLIDWORKS Import Options
    Comparing Geometry
    Addressing Translation Errors
    Procedure for Rebuilding Fillets

  • 02Core and Cavity 
    Core and Cavity Mold Design
    SOLIDWORKS Mold Tools
    Mold Analysis Tools 
    Analyzing Draft on a Model 
    Using the Draft Analysis Tool 
    Draft Analysis Options 
    Adding Draft
    Scaling the Model
    Establish the Parting Lines 
    Shut-Off Surfaces 
    Creating the Parting Surface 
    Surface Bodies 
    Creating the Mold Tooling 
    Seeing Inside the Mold 
    Interlocking the Mold Tooling 
    Creating Part and Assembly Files 
  • 03Side Cores and Pins
    Additional Mold Tooling 
    Trapped Molding Areas 
    Side Cores 
    Feature Freeze 
    Core Pins 
    Manual Selection Techniques 
    Modifying Shut-Off Surfaces 
    Completing the Tooling 
  • 04Advanced Parting Line Options 
    Manual Parting Line 
    Splitting a Part 
  • 05Creating Custom Surfaces for Mold Design 
    Surface Modeling for Mold Design
  • 06Advanced Surfacing for Mold Design
    Surface Modeling for Mold Design
    The Mixer
  • 07Alternative Methods for Mold Design 
    Alternative Methods 
    Creating a Cavity
    Techniques for Mold Tooling 
  • 08Reusable Data
    Reusing Data 
    Task Pane 
    SOLIDWORKS Resources 
    Design Library 
    File Explorer 
    Library Features 
    Configurations in Library Features 
    Smart Components 
  • 09Completing the Mold Base 
    Organizing the Assembly 
    Modifying the Lifters 
    Lifter Motion
    Ejector Pins 
    Cooling the Mold 
    Making the Drawing 
    Making Changes 
    Completing the Process